How to Join

Amherst MakerSpace memberships are sold through the Amherst Recreation Department site - you'll need to create an account on their site in order to join.  MakerSpace memberships are found under "Register -> Memberships" in the menu.  Our minimum membership term is 3 months.

Before being issued an access card to the space, all members must sign our release form and attend an orientation and equipment training session at the MakerSpace.  In general, the orientation and training sessions are held every Thursday night starting at 6pm sharp during our weekly open house. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for deviation from the normal schedule.  You can also contact Steve Opre at to schedule training at another time.


Membership Cost

Our memberships have both an Amherst resident rate ("R") and a non-resident rate ("NR").  Family memberships include 2 access cards for use by 2 adult (18+) members of a single household - both members of a family membership must attend orientation and training before access cards can be activated.  Minors (under 18 years of age) must be supervised at all times in the MakerSpace and must not operate equipment unless their parent/guardian is present.

Membership Type Cost
Individual - 3 months $60 R / $75 NR
Individual - 1 year $220 R / $275 NR
Family - 3 months $90 R / $105 NR
Family - 1 year $330 R / $385 NR

These rates are subject to change without notice.  In case of a discrepancy, the membership rates on the Amherst Recreation Department site shall be treated as correct.



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